Prior to expanding onto the nature strip our vegie garden consisted of 12 square metres of raised beds and 10+ square meters of “normal” garden area allocated to edible plants plus 3 blue berry bushes, 4 rhubarbs and a 1×4 metre area of raspberries. While this area did provide access to fresh, healthy food diversity and timing was an issue. Too much “regular” stuff and all ripe around the same time.

As you would have guessed Costa Georgiadis from ABCs Gardening Australia program provided the real inspiration to “expand” our existing vegie garden onto the nature strip (or verge). The Gardening Australia program in March 2012 was the “eureka” moment that made me look at nature strips differently.

Being an regular runner I would run around Bendigo and notice the huge wasted resource of our nature strips. The areas close to the centre of Bendigo often have nature strips 3-6 metres wide with a tree (most often not native) plonked every so often to break the monotony. The combined time spent by property owners mowing/maintaining the nature strips for no tangible gain also seemed wasteful in addition to the 30+ square metres of land that was unproductive. So that lead me to start my own verge and this blog is dedicated to sharing the progress.

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