Seed library

Just read an article on Modern Farmer describing the increasing interest in seed libraries in the USA. I like the concept and I guess neighbours/friends have probably been nurturing informal seed libraries amongst themselves for a long time. A quick Google search shows Seed Savers maintain a list of seed libraries in Australia with one operating in Bendigo (something I am going to follow up).

While a seed library is a useful idea in itself, it is really the educational aspects on the benefits of starting and maintaining a backyard (or verge) vegie garden that is really lacking. Sure there is no shortage of information available on the web or courses detailing the ins and outs but, if you are like me, the enthusiasm and knowledge deteriorates after a little while.

The idea of using more information learning techniques such as mentoring is what would be beneficial. Having access to the a range of people with the same interests would allow knowledge to be transacted in a more informal way. Ultimately it is about sharing rather than hoarding the knowledge we have with the ultimate goal being to do things more efficiently.

Do you know of any garden groups that work like this?

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