Soil blocking – fail :(

So I invested in a hand blocker to get some seedings up and going in preparation to plant out after the cold and frosty weather passed. Did a bit of research and decided to stay clear of peat moss given it’s not sustainably harvested. So went to the hardware store to find some cocopeat which they had but only really course fibrous stuff. Figured I’d be able to pull out and use the finer fibres to make my blocking mix.

The blocking mix turned out to be OK although 50% of the blocks created fell apart – no problems they just went back into the mix to reuse again. Planted a heap of seeds and covered them with my simple little plastic shade house. Unfortunately non of the seeds germinated. While some of the problem could be put down to lack of watering, I suspect it was because the blocking mix was just too course. So my next challenge is to find some fine cocopeat and try again.

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