Potatoes up and going

So its been a few weeks since the potatoes went in the ground and they are looking amazing. I will need to keep mulching then a) to suppress the green manure and b) to promote more yield. Potatoes were planted about a month ago now. Watering will be key as the weather starts to warm up.

2013-10-11 09.55.30   2013-10-11 09.55.45

Also have some capsicums in. Having a bit of a tough time among the green manure but they will kick on soon. Butternut pumpkin seedlings (purchased) are looking OK as well.

2013-10-11 09.56.07

Aside from the vegetables growing on the verge I have some carrots, peas, corn, tomatoes, capsicums and beans happening within the confines of the property. Raspberries are about a foot high and growing profusely. Strawberries are also starting to flower, rhubarb is about a foot high as well although needs more water as a few plants have bolted. The 3 blueberries have flowered profusely so fingers crossed we are in for a good crop.

Need to get more seeds in the ground. Won’t be this weekend as I am running the Melbourne marathon but now daylight saving is here evenings are available and a good chance to get the boys outside getting soil under their nails 🙂

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