Onions and garlic harvested

A busy day on the verge today with the remaining onions (“Red Shine”) and garlic (“Italian White” and “Italian Late”) coming out of the ground. We harvested the “Texas Early Grano” onions last week.

The boys loved helping out and we found a novel way to leave them dry. The lattice around the carport is perfect and sheltered from direct sun and any rain (however unlikely that may be in Bendigo). Of course everyone smelt like onion and garlic afterwards and there were some teary eyes 😪

Also finished planting out the tomato seedlings…a mix of Roma and Cherry grown from seed.

Climbing beans, mixed lettuce, capsicum (seeds) and sunflowers (seeds) were also planted.

A little bit of rain is forecast this week but the weather is warming up. The automatic watering system on the verge makes the task of watering so much easier.

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