Activism: Vandalism and Community


Its a sad state of affairs that public community gardens are often subjects for vandalism. There seems to be no rhythm or reason to it and often the action feels totally unjust. I’m unsure whether its the warmer weather and longer days but over the past few weeks I’ve been hearing of a few community gardens been vandalised. Its not so much that people are taking stuff without asking or helping themselves to a share in the harvest without putting in some work as well, but its that infrastructure goes missing or whole plants get taken.

Its a terrible state of affairs that we live in a world where ownership is so closely tied to feelings of security and identity. However, I believe that public gardening has a critical role to play in addressing these issues and offering an alternative.

Special thanks to the work going on at The Foraging…

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Sustainable House Day

The verge garden is part of Bendigo’s Sustainable House Day (SHD) being held Sunday October 27.

In preparation I have re-mulched the verge beds with a think layer of straw.

The timing was perfect with 5-10mm of rain falling a few days later to settle it all down. The potatoes also seemed to like the mulch and have grown a few centimetres over the last few days as well.

Busy preparing some signs and fact sheets so SHD participants can get the low-down on how to start their own verge garden.