Sustainable House Day

The verge garden is part of Bendigo’s Sustainable House Day (SHD) being held Sunday October 27.

In preparation I have re-mulched the verge beds with a think layer of straw.

The timing was perfect with 5-10mm of rain falling a few days later to settle it all down. The potatoes also seemed to like the mulch and have grown a few centimetres over the last few days as well.

Busy preparing some signs and fact sheets so SHD participants can get the low-down on how to start their own verge garden.

Potatoes up and going

So its been a few weeks since the potatoes went in the ground and they are looking amazing. I will need to keep mulching then a) to suppress the green manure and b) to promote more yield. Potatoes were planted about a month ago now. Watering will be key as the weather starts to warm up.

2013-10-11 09.55.30   2013-10-11 09.55.45

Also have some capsicums in. Having a bit of a tough time among the green manure but they will kick on soon. Butternut pumpkin seedlings (purchased) are looking OK as well.

2013-10-11 09.56.07

Aside from the vegetables growing on the verge I have some carrots, peas, corn, tomatoes, capsicums and beans happening within the confines of the property. Raspberries are about a foot high and growing profusely. Strawberries are also starting to flower, rhubarb is about a foot high as well although needs more water as a few plants have bolted. The 3 blueberries have flowered profusely so fingers crossed we are in for a good crop.

Need to get more seeds in the ground. Won’t be this weekend as I am running the Melbourne marathon but now daylight saving is here evenings are available and a good chance to get the boys outside getting soil under their nails 🙂

Still mowing…

Part of the reason for starting a verge garden was to cut down on the amount of pointless mowing. While there is still some grass remaining surrounding the garden beds I have also been having to mow the garden beds. The green manure (see cover crop), even though it was mowed before planting the potatoes has still been furiously growing. No major issue although now I have to be careful to dodge the growing spuds, capsicums and pumpkin plants in amongst it all. Need to get onto my straw supplier so I can lay down a nice think mat.