Sourcing materials

Sourcing the materials to create the vegie patch wasn’t too difficult. After mentioning the idea to a few people I managed to get access to 2 cubic metres of some well composted chicken manure.

I found some cheap straw on however the cartage made it uneconomical. Once again, using my friend network  I got the number of an acquaintance who is a farmer not far out of Bendigo. He had a heap of flood-damaged straw bales which were available for the low cost of $0. A short drive with a mates trailer resulted in 2 round bales being loaded with a tractor – easy work.

The nature strip was slowly being consumed by couch from the neighbours lawn so I needed a good layer of cardboard. One Saturday morning while I was in town I noticed a store owner transferring flattened boxes into her car. I struck up a conversation and learnt that she was taking them to the rubbish tip (to be recycled). A polite question asking whethe she’d mind dropping them at my place (which was a lot closer than the tip) resulted in a pile of flattened boxes almost a metre high. Spouse was not impressed stating “there will be way too many boxes for what you need”. It took an hour or so with the assistance of the boys to remove the tape from the boxes and then everything was prepared for layout.

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